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Safes are more detailed and complex than most people realize when they first start looking for one. The deeper you look, the easier it is to get overwhelmed by all the different questions that come up. That's where we come in. The Help Center is here to answer the questions you have so you can find the safe that's right for you.


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Our FAQ is designed to give you quick and easy answers for anything related to T&T Liberty Safes and the products we sell. For more detailed answers, check out the "All About Gun Safes" section below.


Whether you're looking for a gun safe, just bought one or you've had one for years, questions are always going to come up. It's our goal to give you the knowledge you need so you can make the best informed decisions when it comes to your safe and your protection. This section is dedicated entirely to getting you the answers you're looking for.


What to look for in a safe




Torture Tests!

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