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Why You Should Have A Professional Mover Install Your Safe

We love answering questions about safes for customers, giving them the details they need to find the safe that's right for them. However, there is one topic that makes us cringe inside, and that's when a customer talks about picking up a safe and installing it themselves. It's not because we just want more money. It's because we've been in the business long enough to hear so many stories about people damaging their homes and worse, hurting themselves.


You might be tempted to load the safe up in the back of a truck and figure out how to get it home on your own, but you're actually taking a big risk. Safes are big, bulky and heavy. Having a professional mover move and install your safe is the best way to get it home and in place safely. Here are three of the biggest reasons to have a professional do the heavy lifting for you.


A safe isn't a purchase you make very often, so odds are you haven't done it before. An experienced safe moving team moves safe all the time. They know how to get a safe into your home without damaging your safe, your property and most importantly, you. Here are just a few things an experienced mover brings to the table.


They can get your safe into your home without injury. Imagine if you hurt your back and had to take two weeks off of work. Imagine if your buddy hurt his back and had to take two weeks off of work because he was helping you out. Injury is at the top of the list of reasons why you should let a professional do the job for you.

They can get the job done without damaging your home. What if the safe slipped and damaged your tile or wood floor? Slammed into your closet door? Tipped over as you tried to get it up that step? It's not unusual for home repairs to run well over a thousand dollars, and a big steel box can do a lot of damage if it gets away from you. A professional safe mover knows how to move and install the safe while avoiding damage to your home.

They can identify problems before they become a problem. Are the stairs sturdy enough to handle the safe and the person moving it? Is that corner too tight for the safe to turn? Do the handles of the safe stick out too far for the closet door to close? A professional safe mover knows what questions to ask and what to look for to make the move as smooth as possible.



Good old-fashioned ingenuity can get almost any job done, but having the right equipment for the job makes a hard job a lot easier. This is especially true when you're moving a heavy, bulky steel box through your home. Professional safe movers invest in specialized moving equipment, from a kitted out moving truck all the way down to the felt pads used for tile floors, so the move will be as smooth and hassle free as possible.


A difficult job done right.


We touched on this earlier, but accidents can be really costly when you're dealing with safes. Without warning, the situation can get out of hand and cause damage to your safe and to your home. Doing the job yourself means if something goes wrong, you're the one paying for it. A professional safe mover will cover the cost of any damage done on their watch so you won't have to.


We've been around for years and unfortunately we've heard a lot of stories and gotten a lot of calls from folks after the bad things happen. Between medical bills, time lost from work and damage to your home, moving a safe on your own can be a risky thing. Hiring a professional safe mover can get the safe you want exactly where you want it, without worrying about your well being.