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  • "It's best to hire professionals to move your safe."

  • "Moving a safe runs the risk of damage to your property and worse, injury to you or someone helping you."

  • "Having the right tools and knowledge makes a big difference when moving a safe."


Gun safe dealers tell their customers this all the time. Sometimes customers think we're saying this just to "upsell" them with a delivery and installation fee. We promise, that's not it. There is a genuine risk to moving something that size and that heavy, and even with the right equipment, the knowledge and the experience, things can still go wrong.

Here are some stories from the professionals to show you exactly what we mean. If you'd like some more knowledge, you can read this article about the dangers of moving a safe yourself.

Hi, I’m Dirk Turner, owner of T&T Liberty Safes in Bakersfield, California.


30 years ago my dad and I started a business selling gun safes, and with that came DELIVERING and MOVING them. I was young and strong and did all the wrong things to move them, but within a few years became a professional safe mover with lots of equipment and knowledge about how to move safes efficiently and safely.


But, even professionals make mistakes.


About 25 years after starting the business, I was helping the crew one evening by loading a truck for them. After putting a 450 lb. safe on the lift gate and turning away from it, the safe slid off the pallet, hit my back and spun me around. As I was going to the ground the top edge of the safe fell on and crushed my toes. One of them had to be partially amputated. If you want to see just how bad it was, click the picture above. Be warned, it's pretty graphic.


I was lucky that was all that happened. It could have fell on my legs and been more serious. The accident also took me off work for two weeks from the business and about two months from manual work. Luckily, I had a staff that could cover for me and as the owner I did not lose any income.


Ask yourself this.


If this happened to you, could you lose a day, a week, a month or a lifetime of income? Is it worth not paying a professional with INSURANCE to do the job? If it happened to me, the professional, it could happen to you. Please be safe. However you decide to move your safe, do it in the safest way possible.


Ever try to move a 2500 lb safe on your own?

This person did, and it ended up falling on its back so hard it left an imprint in the floor. VERY thankfully, the guy got clear before it landed on him. He used a refrigerator dolly and with help he pulled the safe toward him. He thought he could hold up 2500 lbs. When the safe started to come towards him he soon found out that he was not going to hold it and started to move out of the way, but the dolly went down his legs, bruising them. Luckily, he got out of the way before it fell on him, or it would have crushed his legs.


He called us out to get it back up and to move it for him. Click the picture to the right to see the involved process of getting it upright again. Notice we have 5 guys involved in moving this safe. We never underestimate that kind of weight. With the safe in the back office of the business we had no way to get a forklift into it so, block after block, we finally got it to a place where 4 of us could get around it and push it (safely) upright.