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Liberty Safe is changing their policies regarding law enforcement information demands, and the storage of customer information. Below is T&T Liberty Safe's page summarizing the changes, answering questions about their safe and security, and letting customers know what they can do to further their security options. If you'd like to read about Liberty Safe's policy changes in full, Click Here.


Please note: Liberty Safe and T&T Liberty Safe are two separate companies. Liberty Safe is the manufacturer and distributor, who creates and enforces policy regarding their product. We are T&T Liberty Safe, a locally owned company and dealer of Liberty Safes as well as other brands, and has no say or control over the manufacturer's policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Liberty Safe's New Policy

Is Liberty Safe changing their policy?

Yes, in two major ways. First, they are changing their policy regarding law enforcement compliance. Second, they are giving their customers a way to negate law enforcement interference altogether. For the policy changes, please read below. For the customer's personal options, please read the section "What can the safe owner do now?" further down the page.

What is Liberty Safe's New Policy regarding Law Enforcement Requests?

The following is a direct quote from Liberty Safe's website.


"Liberty Safe has implemented consumer privacy protections regarding law enforcement compulsory requests for information, including safe combinations.


Liberty Safe will only release customer information to law enforcement agencies if all the following conditions are met:

  2. 1) A warrant, subpoena, national security letter, court order or equivalent (“compulsory process”) must be provided that is specifically issued to Liberty Safe.
  4. 2) For requests for access codes or combinations, the compulsory process must specifically require that Liberty Safe release the combination or access code for a safe identified by its serial number.
  6. 3) If these first two conditions are met, the requested customer information must already exist within our system at the time of the request. If a customer has opted out of our retention of this information, we will be unable to comply with the compulsory process."


"Except where prohibited by law, Liberty Safe will notify customers of any request from a government or law enforcement agency for customer information in advance of our providing it, giving our customer an opportunity to challenge the compulsory process.


In addition to these protections, if Liberty Safe determines that the compulsory process is deficient, Liberty Safe will object, challenge, or reject the request."


For Liberty Safe's updated policy in full, Click Here.


Can Liberty Safe simply not comply?

If a company refuses to cooperate when under compulsory process, this can be considered contempt of court. This can result in a company/corporation being sanctioned and having its property seized, or an individual within the company taking the responsibility and punishment.


About MRCs & Combos

What is an MRC?

A Management Reset Code, or MRC, is a code in an electronic lock that allows it to be opened and reset to factory default. It's a code built into virtually every electronic lock.


Is an MRC a "back door" to everyone's safe?

No. Every electronic lock has its own unique MRC, and most MRCs are 6 to 10 digits long.


Why does the MRC exist?

The purpose of the MRC is to reset the lock to factory settings, but its application can be used for a number of reasons.

1) The safe is resold but the new owner doesn't know the current code.

2) The current owner forgot the code they recently put in it.

3) The current owner passed away, the will is in the safe and the spouse/family do not know the current code.


Law enforcement compulsory requests are not listed above. This is because Liberty Safe does not record the MRC/combination for this reason, but yes it can be used for that purpose.


Does Liberty Safe give out the MRC/code to anyone?

No, each request needs proper certification and verification from either the owner, the owner's family if deceased or law enforcement.


Does Liberty Safe also record mechanical lock combinations?

Yes, Liberty Safe also records the combination locks of every mechanical lock installed on their safes for the same purposes as the MRCs.


Why does Liberty Safe have my MRC / combination in the first place?

For the reasons mentioned above, Liberty records the MRC/combination because both they and their dealers receive thousands of calls per day from legitimate owners unable to get into their safe. With the MRC/combination recorded, not only can they help people who are locked out of their safes, but they can properly troubleshoot repair issues. Without the MRC/combination recorded, customers that get locked out of their safes will most likely have to pay for a drill out or other ways of entry that damage or ruin the safe.


Does Liberty Safe tell its customers that they are recording the MRC or the combination?

Yes. In the Liberty Safe safe owner's manual and the quick start guide that comes with every Liberty safe, it is stated that Liberty records the MRC/combination with every Liberty Safe.


From the safe owner's manual:

"Lost Combination or Keys - All Lock Types: The lock on your safe has been set with a randomly selected combination at the time of manufacturing. As part of our continuing service, a record of your combination by serial number is kept on file. To help us better serve you, please contact Customer Service at (800) 247-5625 when you change your combination or code.

If you lose your combination, you can retreive a copy for a $25.00 research fee, provided you have not changed it from the original combination."


Do other companies keep MRC codes?

Yes, most other safe companies, both gun safes and for other types, record the MRC/combination with the serial number of the safe, for the same reasons as Liberty.


Liberty Safe & Monomoy Capital

What is this about?

On September 7th, Liberty Safe was accused of donating to various far left leaning politicians. Charlie Kirk posted on Facebook, stating Liberty Safe donated over $400,000 to a specific list of far left leaning democrats. He also claimed an employee of Monomoy was the CEO of Liberty Safe.

Is Liberty owned by Monomoy Capital?

Yes. In 2021, Monomoy Capital Partners bought Liberty Safe. Liberty Safe is one of many companies owned by Monomoy.

Did Liberty Safe or Monomoy Capital donate to left/liberal causes?

From Liberty Safe's policy page


"As a company, Liberty Safe has not and does not make campaign contributions to any political candidates or political parties. Our institutional investor has not and does not make contributions to political candidates or political parties. As citizens, employees of Liberty Safe or our institutional investor are free to support and make contributions to any political candidates or parties they choose. When these contributions are made, individuals are required to name their employer, which may show up in contribution lists, but it does not mean that the company is involved in making or funding the contribution."


So what happened exactly?

The donations people are referring to were made by individual employees of Monomoy Capital, not Monomoy Capital as a company, and not by Liberty Safe employees or the company itself.


Here are some clarifying facts:

• The FEC report that was mentioned dates back to 2006. Liberty Safe was not part of the Monomoy group until 2021.

• The donations mentioned were made by individual employees, not by Monomoy Capital.

• An employee of Monomoy Capital, Justin Hillenbrand, was mentioned as the current CEO of Liberty Safe. He is not, the information is wrong.

• All employees on the donor list are employees of Monomoy that manage various investments held by Monomoy. None of the individual donors manage or consult with Liberty Safe.

• Of the $400,000 mentioned, well over $300,000 was donated by a single individual who is no longer with the Monomoy Capital.

• These donations should be looked at from the perspective of an individual supporting a specific politician, not as the organization supporting that politician.


The Federal Election Commission is a site you can contact for public records of who donated to which politicians. We encourage you to reach out to them and glean the information for yourselves. This will allow you to make an informed decision based on accurate information.


Liberty Safe Company & T&T Liberty Safe

What is the difference between Liberty Safe & T&T Liberty Safe?

Liberty Safe is the company that manufactures and sells Liberty brand gun safes. They supply to both small dealers and to box stores across the U.S.A., and other countries.


T&T Liberty Safe is a locally owned business that sells serveral different brands of gun safes. While T&T started with selling Liberty safes almost exclusively, they have since grown to sell other brands as well. We are not owned by Liberty Safe, we simply sell their product.


What input or control does T&T Liberty Safe have in the practices and policies of Liberty Safe?

Liberty Safe manufactures their own product and sets all policy and procedure regarding warranties and customer database information. Local, privately owned companies like T&T Liberty Safe have no input or control of policies and practices that Liberty Safe sets in place. We are simply dealers that sell the product.


What Can The Safe Owner Do Now?

You can have Liberty Safe delete your MRC/combo from their system.

Liberty Safe has set up a form where you can request your MRC or your combination be removed from their database. If you would like to do that, Click Here.


You can have T&T Liberty Safe change the MRC/combo.

If you would rather have T&T Liberty Safe come out and change the MRC or the combination of your safe, we can certainly do that. We would change the MRC/combo, and not record the new number. We would still send a form to Liberty stating that the MRC/combination of the safe was changed, but the customer did NOT want it recorded. Liberty Safe will not have the new information on record.


Most SecuRam electronic locks have an MRC that can be changed. Electronic locks such as S&G cannot. However, we can change the electronic lock out with a new one, if you choose. We at T&T Safe Company will not record the new number at our store.


Please note, we will not be reimbursed by Liberty for the labor, so we will need to charge our standard service fee, and charge for any new lock.


If you would like a quote or to schedule a combination change, Click Here.


You can change the MRC/combo yourself.

If you would rather change either the electronic lock MRC or the mechanical lock combination yourself, you can. However, we would caution customers to be careful, as a mistake can at best have you realign the lock and at worst, lock you out of your safe.


We sell mechanical lock change keys at our stores, and there is a fee for retrieving the existing MRC for electronic locks.


What are the Pros & Cons of not recording the MRC/combination?


• No one but you will know what the new MRC code or the new combination is. Without that information, law enforcement cannot request or subpoena the information from Liberty Safe or the local dealer. You and you alone will know the new code.

• If you ever forget the current code in your electronic lock, you can reset the lock back to the default 123456, as long as you have the MRC.

• For mechanical locks, you can change your combination to another 3 number combination, as long as you have the existing combination and the right change key.



• You will be the sole person with the MRC code or the combination. If the information is lost and you forget your code or combination, neither the dealer nor the manufacturer can help.

• The lock warranty cannot be upheld. the MRC/combination is vital in troubleshooting lock issues, and without it, even very basic procedures cannot be used to determine what's happening with the lock.


I Still Have Questions

If there are questions that haven't been answered to your satisfaction, or you have a question not answered here, we would love to help you.


To reach Liberty Safe, the national manufacturer, please call 800-247-5625.


To reach T&T Liberty Safe, your local dealer and retailer, you can call us at 661-393-3782.