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Any safe can be gotten into, even a bank vault. To get into a safe it takes the Magic 3: The right skills, the right tools, and time. Here are some examples of attempted thefts where things just didn't line up for the bad guys.


This family went to visit relatives for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, two men got wind of it and attempted to rob them while they were away. They worked five hours on this safe, using the owner's own tools (pictured), but they ended up breaking most of them and they still did not get the safe open. Eventually, the owner returned home and the thieves quickly fled out the back of the house.

Most burglaries are "smash and grab". The thief is there to get in, take whatever they can carry and get out fast. If they see a safe, they usually don't bother with it (especially if it's bolted down) and if they do try to break in, it's usually with the owner's own tools. But even though these guys had time, they didn't have the right tools or the knowledge to get in.

You need the Magic 3 to get into a safe: the right skills, the right tools, and time. These guys only had time, and even that ran out.

A local marijuana dispensery closed for the night and a group of burglars came in looking for a big score. The shop was still setting up and had a camera system but not an alarm system. The would be thieves worked through the night (on camera), but still couldn't get in. When the owner returned the next morning, the safe was still closed and he had the thieves' smiling faces all ready for the police.

A safe door is hard to beat, especially if the safe is bolted upright. Between the locking bolts, the pry locks and the steel thickness, you have to have a *lot* of leverage to get all the bolts from inside the door frame to the outside. The thieves had plenty of room on the side of the safe to try, but they just didn't have the strength.

Let's come back to the Magic 3: The right skills, the right tools, and time. The thieves had the time, but not the right tools and definitely not the right knowledge.


At least they smiled for the camera.