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BFX7240 2 Safe Special

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  • Description
  •  72 x 40 x 26" | 2 Hour Fire | 1585 lbs.

    SPECIAL OFFER: Get the matching set of TWO heavy duty BFX7240 safes with opposing swing doors, and save an additional $1000!

    • Opposing swing doors:Left and right swing doors offering maximum storage effeciency between safes.

    • Alternate Shelving Systems: Each safe has a different shelving system, one with gun shelves, the other with full storage shelves, offering flexibility for your storage needs!

    • Incredible Security and Fire Protection: AmSec's BFX safes offer exceptional protection against fire and theft!

  • Specs

    Exterior dimensions: 72 x 40 x 26"

    Weight: 1585 lbs.

    Fire Protection: 1400°/120 Minutes


    Minimum Doorway Required: 28"

    Electronic Lock included

    Interior Power Outlet Included

    Deluxe Door Organizer Included

    California DOJ Approved

    Made in the U.S.A.


  • Security

    Fire Protection: 1400°/120 Minutes   Learn more

    Drylight fire resistant material filled between 2 steel walls, offering superior fire protection

    Steel Body Thickness: Double walled, w/11g outer and 12g inner

    1/2" steel door plate

    16ea 1.5" Bolts, active on all four sides


  • Features
  •  What makes the BFX a monster safe?


    • Double Walled Body: 2 steel body shells (11g outer, 12g inner), with drylight material filled in between, offering 3 points of defense against pry and drill attacks.

    • Superior Fire Protection: Drylight Fire resistant material with a seamless fill, offering a huge 2 hour fire protection rating.

    • Solid Steel Plate Door: 1/2" steel plate door, protecting the door mechanism and the safe against pry and drill attacks.

    • Massive Bolt System: A total of 16 1.5" chrome plated bolts, covering all four sides of the door.

  • Please Note:

    *Measurements: Measurements and dimensions are + or – 1/8” to all measurements for manufacturing variance. Dimensions listed are for the safe footprint and are rounded up to the nearest quarter inch. To be sure depth of the safe will fit in your space, add a total of 5” to the total depth (2” for the plug in back, 3” for the handle in front).

    *Gun Count: Gun capacity may vary depending upon the size of guns and scopes.

    T&T Liberty Safes reserved the right to change or update product specifications, colors and model sizes at any time.


  • Shipping
  • Shipping and installation fees vary depending on size and weight of the safe and distance traveled. Upon purchase, our company will call you and discuss shipping options.

    Alternatively, you may call for a specialized shipping or installation quote.


    For more shipping details, click here.