Take advantage of Liberty Safe's Mail In Rebate program, going to the end of 2022. All Liberty models that retail at $999 or more have mail in rebates as much as $350. That's on top of our already low sale prices! This rebate program is going until December 31st, and only on our in-store product, so take advantage while supplies last!


How It Works

• Purchase a Liberty Safe model that's in stock and in store, with a retail price of $999 or more.

• When you receive the item (either by pick up or by delivery), you will receive a physical mail in rebate form.

• Fill out the rebate form and mail it to Liberty, along with a copy of your invoice.

• Liberty Safe will mail you a check for the qualifying amount!


Rules and Stipulations

        • • Rebate Program ends December 31st, 2022.
        • • Sponsored by Liberty Safes, and applicable only to Liberty Safe models.
        • • Rebate is applicable to Liberty models in-stock and in-store.
        • • Rebate applies to Liberty safe models with a retail price of $999 and above. Rebate categories go by retail price, not sale price.
        • • Rebate applies to the safe, not including tax, accessories or upgrades.
        • • Mail-in rebate amount will not be shown at time of purchase. The mail-in rebate is a separate from the listed sale prices of Liberty safes.
        • • Customer will be provided with a written invoice from T&T Liberty Safe, with the details of the sale. This written invoice will be the invoice used to verify the purchase with Liberty Safe.
        • • Physical rebate form will be given to customer when they receive their invoice/receipt with the safe, either at time of pick up or at time of delivery.
        • • Customer is responsible for mailing the rebate form into Liberty safe, along with a copy of their invoice/receipt showing the retail price of the purchased safe.
        • • Customer should keep their original documents for their records, and send a copy to Liberty Safe.
        • • Incomplete rebate submissions do not qualify and will not be processed.
        • • Allow 6-8 weeks for rebate to arrive via mail.
        • • Cannot be combined with any other rebate or sale promotion.* (See below).


        • *Liberty Safe's Rebate Program is a two part rebate; An instant in-store rebate with a matching mail-in rebate. T&T Liberty Safe is currently offering sale prices on their Liberty safes, and most of the listed savings are more than the instant in-store rebate. T&T Liberty Safe is offering either the in-store sale price or the instant in-store rebate, customer choice. The mail-in rebate portion of the program is not affected by the instant in-store portion.